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Hi, I’m Victoria Rhodes, a Whanganui Florist and owner of Victoria Rhodes Flowers.

We offer bespoke and creative floral services for everyday and special occasions. Whether it be your wedding or a corporate event, we will tailor our craft to create a floral design you love.

I have a true passion for creating exquisite bouquets for that perfect occasion.

I want my flowers to be memorable and bring joy to those that receive them.

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Blooming Wonderful Flowers

We believe in offering you the highest standard in arrangements, creating innovative, modern and classic florist designs using only the freshest flowers.  We are a local Whanganui florist creating beautiful designs based on what we love and what our customers love.

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Looking After Your Flowers

Nothing makes us happier than delivering your blooms on time and looking as fresh as the day they were picked!

What makes us happier though is knowing that you are giving your blooms some Tender Loving Care.

If you follow this simple guide, your flowers will continue to look wonderful:

1. Upon receipt of your flowers, they should ideally be placed in a clean vase with clean water (unless they have been delivered in a vase* or as part of an arrangement). If this is the case, the water should be topped up (arrangements) or replaced every three days (vases).

2. We recommend that you change the water in your flowers every 3 days, cutting the stems half an inch at a time on an angle. Why do we cut the stems on an angle? This gives the stem a bigger circumference and allows the flower to drink as much water as possible, helping to extend the flower’s life.

3. The sachet that your flowers are delivered with will also help extend the life of your flowers. The formula reduces bacteria build up in the water and gives your flowers a boost – something like your morning cup of coffee!

These simple things will help extend the life of your flowers. These are not a miracle cures but small steps in getting that little bit extra from your flowers.


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